About BrodieBee

Hi! I’m BrodieBee. After years of making handmade cards, maps, and other custom pieces for friends & family, I left my corporate career in fashion & retail to become a full time designer. I love creating products & hope to bring them to life in your home, your store, or your newsfeed.

Here are some fun facts about me:

  1. Brodie is my real name! Not a nickname and not short for anything.
  2. When I'm not painting, I competitively Irish Dance. No, I will not demonstrate for you! 
  3. I have a black lab puppy named, Nellie. She loves frisbees, swimming, and sleeping in the bed.
  4. My husband and I live in Hershey, Pennsylvania - THE chocolate town.
  5. I don't love cocktails, as much as my content would suggest - I'm actually a pretty bad mixologist! But I love to entertain, so I am learning.